Quick and dirty translation:
OP’s caption: Onions and Slaine and Inaho

Inaho sfx: chop chop chop
Slaine sfx: step step; staaare—; drip…
Inaho: Why are you crying? {sfx: sizzle—}
Slaine: {sfx: drip drip drip} Inaho-san, why aren’t you crying?
Inaho: Beats me?
Caption: Inaho > Onions > Slaine



Quick and Dirty Translation

Title: “Slaine Sensei”
Slaine: The world is full of mysteries! Hey now!
Inaho: The information in this book is already outdated.
Slaine: Eh?!
sfx: Beep beep
(The book’s title is “The World’s Mysteries”. Slaine’s tulip nametag just says Slaine)



Quick and dirty translation:

Slaine: Do you know what this is?
Slaine: This is the gun that I shot you with.

Original: Just Say It (言わせたいだけ)
Artist: A田
Pairing: Hints of OrangeBat
Scanlator: Me + Thanks to kanaderumelody for proofreading!

※ Posted with permission of the original artist. Please do not remove source, or redistribute without the artist’s permission.

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Hi! I saw your Aldnoah.Zero short comic translation! (The one about Inaho and Slaine in bed LOL) I've noticed that the first part Slaine tells Inaho is slightly off. He isn't really asking Inaho if he crawled into his bed half-asleep; He's telling Inaho to NOT crawl into his bed while half-asleep. "Don't crawl into my bed while half-asleep (okay)?" kind of way. I got curious because it didn't match the next scene in bed, so I checked the original out. Thanks for the scanlation, by the way!

Ah, you’re totally right! Sorry! (⊙﹏⊙) I just saw that question mark at the end and somehow just over looked the fact that it was a ‘na’ instead of a ‘ka’…(not that those two even look alike orz). Thanks for pointing that out! I’ve already fixed it in my own post, but I guess there’s nothing to be done about the already reblogged versions at this point >__< (Sorry to everyone who’s already reblogged, I will try to be extra careful in the future)


Inaho: Sanpaku eyes.

Slaine: Sh-Shut up, you…!
You…err…Black hair!
I said it… I said it…!

Permission was granted by the original artist to translate and post this comic. Please do not repost without their permission.

Original: 【微腐】こんな朝
Artist: A田
Title: This Morning
Scanlator: Me
Comments: I’m definitely still an avid Free! fangirl, but Aldnoah.Zero has sucked me in this season so I need to get it out of my system…

Quick translation:

Inaho: This is fun…

Slaine: Ow! Please stop it!

Quick translation:

Slaine: Inaho-san, is there nothing else I can wear?

Inaho: No. All we have left are female school uniforms. Please bear with it.

Slaine [small text] : The bottom half is a bit breezy…




Stage one of friendship:


Stage two of friendship:


Final stage:


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